5 Best Online Tools for Converting a Handwriting Image to Text

Text digitization and conversion of handwritten notes into editable text via online applications has increased over the time. Nowadays, it is quite advantageous to convert handwritten data into digital form. It makes taking notes and listing groceries quick and easy.

OCR programmes detect handwritten and typed text into photos and transform it into editable text. Some tools even have spell checkers to even assist with unfamiliar words.

Did You Know!

There are certain reasons behind extracting text from images, the most obvious one to get the ease of sharing text information. No matter whatever the reason is, you could start using image to text online converter from the source of cardscanner.co which assists you copy text from image without any quality and layout distortion.

Well, give a read to this context, we cover some online ways that lets you convert an image with Handwriting to text.

Pen to Print:

Pen to Print is an awesome online tool that convert picture to text. This software analyzes the handwritten papers and converts them into editable text. It is the best image to text online converter for those who like to write by hand because the app’s handwriting feature can extract the text from paper documents, like letters, school and college notes, grocery list etc.

It allows you to add photos from your device gallery and support text in over 50 languages. After scanning the text, the user has the option to email, upload, or copy it to the clipboard.

Adobe Scan:

Adobe Scan is one of the great image to text online converter sources that takes minimal effort to copy text from image. You can convert the handwritten notes into digital copies with the help of Adobe Scan. This extract image to text online tool can easily turn the handwritten notes into editable documents. It makes use of an advanced OCR technology to scan and detect text in tax receipts, recipes, notes and other documents.

Let’s explore more precisely you can open the app and capture your document. Then export the scanned image of the document as PDF OR JPEG. Now, you could attain the editable text form of the particular scanned image file.This tool is the best option for beginners as well as for advanced users.

Text Scanner:

Text Scanner is the best tool for copy text from image online. You can either download or upload pictures from your device so that the text scanner can extract text from them. It also recognizes over 150 languages, which you may copy to the clipboard or share via email and social networking accounts. This app converts handwriting into text effortlessly.

This programme works on your devices rapidly. Just open the homepage and choose the image. You get the converted editable text on clipboard. Now you can copy or share it.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is the best image to text online converter . Google has created a simple programme for converting notes and other handwritten text into editable form. This software freely turn image into text. Google keep is an excellent choice for those who use google apps such as google drive or google doc.

In order to use this app digitization feature, you have to first select the scanned image to extract text. Then click on the three dots and press grab the text. Your notes converted into the editable text. You can now use this extracted text.

Cam Scanner:

Cam Scanner is a well known OCR tool that transforms handwritten text into digital text. It is one of the best image to text online converter. You can use this software free of cost. Nowadays students prefer camscanner for sharing notes or books as pdf files. It can scan handwritten items such as whiteboard discussions, notes and letters.

To use this application you have to scan the document or import an already scanned file. If needed, crop and rotate your scanned document. Select the option to recognize the full page. Save the document or simply copy the extracted text to the clipboard.

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