5 Facebook marketing tools that will boost your brand in 2022

We all know Facebook as one of the largest, if not the largest, social media networks available online today, and it goes without saying that it is a center for millions of businesses to succeed on.

To give you an idea of the figures, Facebook has more than a billion monthly active members and more than 8 billion video views every day.

These figures are staggering, and they demonstrate the potential that Facebook offers to brands and businesses online.
When it comes to Facebook marketing tools, they’ve been around since the beginning of social media marketing, which makes sense given that Facebook is one of the most well-known social media sites in the industry.

So, if you’re not sure how to sell your goods or service on Facebook, you should read the following post.
Knowing how to do business through social media marketing will be critical to your overall strategy as a business slowly but steadily shifts online.

Knowing how to sell your brand on Facebook is extremely vital, given that Facebook owns more than half of all major social networks.

In the post below, we’ll look at how Facebook marketing tools can help.
Today, we’ll go through what we consider to be the best Facebook marketing tools in the industry to aid you with your Facebook marketing efforts.

Best Facebook Marketing Tools


Because they understand how vital it is to keep well connected in the business, UseViral is one of the top Facebook marketing tools to help you get forward with your brand.
When it comes to your brand, no matter what business you’re in, it’s all about who you know as well as what you know.

Yes, you may have read ten or more books on social media marketing and online brand promotion, but if you aren’t networking inside your business, you aren’t going to far.

The simple line is that, especially when it comes to your Facebook business page, the more individuals you know who can help you leverage your brand and get your products and services in front of more of the appropriate people, the better.
This is where firms like UseViral can help.
UseViral is the type of Facebook marketing tool that may help you connect with their well-established community of experts from a variety of sectors and specialties.
These individuals understand that you’ll need people to promote your Facebook material elsewhere as well, and their team of specialists can help you with that.

This allows you to take a step back and concentrate more on the content, which is what will initially attract visitors.


Another Facebook marketing tool, SocialViral, recognizes the value of your Facebook material in general, which is why they wish to assist you with exclusive and genuine Facebook engagement.

They claim to be the only location where you can obtain genuine Facebook services like followers, likes, and interactions on your posts, and the greatest thing is that they can also assist you with other social media accounts, such as Twitter and Spotify.

They understand that in the business world, time is money, which is why they deliver rapid results and genuine engagement, so no one will ever look at your Facebook page and question if you’re attempting to cut corners with your interactions.
Another benefit of this organization is that they have extremely low prices, which will be beneficial if you are just getting started with your brand online and don’t have time to spare beyond your regular budget.


Social Oomph is a Facebook marketing tool that can help you expand your reach and followers on Facebook while also allowing you to manage a variety of other social media accounts.
This is why they’re considered one of the most adaptable tools in the industry, as they can help you schedule posts, keep consistent with your engagement strategy even when you’re busy with other things, and track new followers in real time.

If you want to gain more Facebook followers, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the algorithm, which can take a long time to figure out.

Fortunately, with a company like this, you may save time by having them handle everything behind the scenes. One of the most appealing features of this Facebook marketing tool is that it will only set you back about $15 each month.

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey, often known as a chat bot on Facebook, is a Facebook marketing tool. A chat pot is a piece of software that sends automated messages to your customers and followers that you have set and adjusted.

They claim that this is a great method to get the word out about your Facebook advertising without having to send each and every message yourself.
As a result, they allow you to establish a massive amount of user engagement the right way, and they make it extremely tailored when it comes to the communications you give to your clients.
At the end of the day, people appreciate personalized messaging from brands, so if you can implement this Facebook marketing tool into your engagement strategy, you’ll be on your way to success.

They recognize that Facebook Messenger is an excellent tool for promoting your business, and they want to assist you in taking use of it.


Wask is an online Facebook marketing tool that may help you manage, create, and coordinate various marketing campaigns through a single dashboard that is both accessible and easy to use.

They claim to be able to assist you in creating, tracking, and editing your ads, as well as identifying the best target audience for your commercials, as well as potential customers.

They also provide their clients with a large number of free stock templates and designs, as well as automation capabilities like as a scheduler and automatic engagement.
There aren’t many Facebook marketing tools on the market that can incorporate the variety of features that these guys have.

These guys are really economical, especially considering their basic version starts at just $9.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Facebook is a tremendously valuable tool for your brand’s online presence, so if you’re not using it to its full potential right now, it’s about time you did.
Facebook marketing tools work hand-in-hand with Facebook company pages, and there are a lot of them to select from, as you can see.
Make sure to conduct your own research and connect yourself with the finest option for your Facebook page and online business in order to succeed and maintain your current reputation.
Best of luck!

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