Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina unveils daring role in Femi Adebayo’s new movie “Jagun Jagun”

Bukunmi Oluwasina has left fans and movie enthusiasts in awe as she unveiled her daring role in Femi Adebayo’s much-anticipated movie, “Jagun Jagun.”

The film, a thrilling collaboration with Netflix, has been creating immense anticipation among fans, and Bukunmi’s portrayal of this captivating character adds to the excitement.

Bukunmi shared the intriguing story of how she was handpicked for the role.

She revealed that a year ago, Femi Adebayo reached out to her, affirming that she was the perfect fit for a particular character in his upcoming project, which he assured it would surpass the success of his previous work, “Ageshinkole.”

Initially skeptical about what could be bigger than the movie she was privately watching at the time. However, her doubts were swiftly dispelled when Femi sent her the script for “Jagun Jagun.”

The actress disclosed how she became so engrossed in reading the script that she nearly caused an accident in her kitchen, forgetting about her cooking in the process, nearly causing a mishap.

Bukunmi couldn’t help but praise Femi Adebayo for delivering on his promise of creating something grander and more captivating than “Ageshinkole.”

She further described the project as a monumental undertaking, with more than a thousand people involved in bringing the vision to life.

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