Banky W breaks silence on alleged affair

Popular singer Bankole Wellington aka Banky W has broken silence on an alleged affair with an ex-signee, which has been trending on social media platforms.

The singer and his wife, Adesua, limited comments on their social media handles over the allegations .

Banky W, in a sermon on Sunday at Waterbrook church in Lagos which he attended for worship service with his wife, Adesua Etomi, said the rumours were orchestrated by satanic elements who don’t want his members to listen to his Sunday sermon.

He said: “The devil really didn’t want you to hear this message. In fact, he didn’t want us to enter into this series at all. There was an attack at the beginning, but here we are. But the devil is a liar. And God is in control.”

Preaching on the topic: ‘The prison of pornography,’ Banky W appreciated his wife for supporting him during his struggle with porn addiction.

“If I don’t thank God for anything in my life, I thank God for this woman [pointing at Adesua],” he said.

He stated:“You decide which thoughts to focus on. You decide what comes in, what goes out, what gets to stay. You can not wheel a thought out of your mind. You can’t get it out of your mind because it has been suggested to you. You can only replace it with a more powerful thought. You can only replace the thoughts that the devil suggests with a truth that God says, so you’ll renew your mind with the words of God.”

Highlighting the impact of pornography on the human brain, Banky W compared it to computer systems, stating: “I told you earlier that porn rewires your brain. They say the brain is the most brilliant computer on earth, and they said we only use 10% of our brainpower.”

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