BBNaija Angel Reveals Why She Dropped Out Of Two Universities

BBNaija Angel Reveals Why She Dropped Out Of Two Universities

Angel Smith, also known as Angel, a former housemate on the sixth season of Big Brother Naija, has revealed how she dropped out of two top institutions.

Angel said that she dropped out of the University of Lagos owing to sexual assault during an interview with media personality Taymesan.

The reality TV actress said that she only stayed for two weeks and was unable to continue due to the occurrence, which she described as traumatizing.

She said:

 “I was in UNILAG for only two weeks. I struggled so much for those two weeks because when I got into UNILAG was my first sexual assault experience.”

Angel claimed she tried so hard to go on with her life as if it never happened, but she couldn’t keep it in any longer.

It affected my school life so much. I always blamed it on not knowing what to do in UNILAG when actually, I’ve always been fully aware of what I wanted to do”,

She said.

According to Naija02, the 22-year-old grew reared with her grandmother.

Angel claims that she went from wanting to be a gynecologist to being so proficient at English that she won multiple Spelling Bees and improved her writing abilities.

She went on to say that she always knew what she wanted to do, but she didn’t do it since she had gone through something horrible and didn’t tell anybody about it.

Especially not my granny because I had so much shame,” Angel said.

She added, “Nobody knew I was out of school until my mum had asked and I was like, ‘let me finally be out with it’.

“When I told her that and she asked me why I did not tell her what happened. I just told her I didn’t think I was doing the right course.”

Angel said that her mother enrolled her in a foundational course in the United Kingdom following the University of Lagos event, which she also pulled out of.

She said that she left out because she lacked direction and didn’t know what she wanted to accomplish with her life at the time.

BBNaija Angel Reveals Why She Dropped Out Of Two Universities

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