Cute Abiola Speaks On Love Affair With Actress Omoborty

All Nigeria Latest News reports that popular Nollywood actor and skit maker, Abdulgafar Abiola, widely known as Cute Abiola, has denied having any love affair with Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo, fondly called Omoborty.

Rumors of a romantic affair between the comedian and Okeowo began circulating last year.

Cute Abiola addressed the claim during an interview with actress Debbie Shokoya, stating that their interaction was limited to creating a skit together.

“We never had a date. Maybe because we just made content together. So, that content, the way we took pictures. I was holding her, holding her back, and her waist for the picture,” he said.

“The chat was not real. Her picture was not in the chat. The name was covered. For what? I did not know how that came up. That time, she felt so bad about it. I felt so bad too. Because I never wanted her to go through that stuff. And that time, she was so pained to the point that we stopped talking to each other. We have started talking now.

“The thing is that that never happened. I never dated her. We were just like she was my sister, and I was her brother. I even give her influencing jobs, saying, ‘Ma, can you do this, someone wants to work with you. And the same as me. Nothing like that’.

“When I saw it, I was surprised. The thing is that when the blog posted it, she said ‘what is this happening’? I was like, even me, I do not know.

“The more I talk, the more I put more fire. When they are dragging you, when you talk, then you do not want the matter to end. It is going to keep trending.”

Earlier in the year, Omoborty had also debunked the allegations.

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