Elizade university restricts pregnant students from campus

Elizade university restricts pregnant students from campus

Prof. Olukayode Amund, the Vice-Chancellor of Elizade University, read the riot act to students, stressing that female students should refrain from becoming pregnant while attending the university, since pregnant students will not be permitted on campus.

Prof. Amund emphasized that the university dorms do not provide care for expectant moms and that the institution would not allow pregnant students to stay on campus.

He also asked students to avoid all sorts of test cheating and other forms of misbehavior, emphasizing that the institution has zero tolerance for cultism, gangsterism, physical violence, drug misuse, theft, and indecent dressing.

He went on to say that the students’ handbook is presently being revised to clearly out the norms of interaction on campus, which would be enforced with appropriate punishments if they are broken.

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