FUTA update on Computer Based Test venue

FUTA update on Computer Based Test venue

The Hilltop Auditorium, contrary to previous announcements, will no longer act as a holding center for students attending the CCBT for the 1st Semester 2020/2021 Test. The Sports Pavilion is the new Holding Centre.

  • Students should ONLY come to the CBT Centre en route to the Sports Pavilion when it is the turn of their School or Department to write a test. Violators will be punished.
  • Every student is expected to bring along a valid student identity card to the Centre for verification.
  • Phones, bags and other unauthorized materials are not allowed in and around the  CBT Centre.
  • Wearing of nose mask is compulsory
  • Please be law-abiding

Dr. G. B. Iwasoku
Chair ,CCBT

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