Hiannick Kamba who was reported dead found practicing in a Pharmacy

Do remember that former Schalke 04 football star Hiannick Kamba who once played alongside Bayern Munich shot-stopper Manuel Neuer was reportedly killed in a car accident in his native home of Congo back in January 2016.

Four years on, the now 33-year-old man has reportedly been found alive and intact but doing something completely unrelated to football.

German outlet Bild reports Kamba is back in Gelsenkirchen in the area of Ruhr in Germany working at his old job as a chemist.

During his playing years, Kamba featured for Schalke’s youth team before departing in July 2007.

News of his death went viral when he traveled back to Congo in January 2016 where he was reportedly involved in a car accident.

Before his death, he was playing for lower league German clubs, with VfB Huls being his last club.

Reports say Kamba’s yet to be identified ex-wife proceeded to produce a Congolese death certificate and a funeral announcement to secure a “six-figure” payout as part of an insurance settlement.

Now, as it has emerged that the defender is well and alive and back in Gelsenkirchen working as a chemist, Essen city attorney general Annette Milk has opened prosecution against the ex-wife over insurance fraud.

“The accused is accused of fraud. But she denies the charge. The process is still ongoing,” Milk was quoted saying.


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