How to Pick an Online Life Coach?

When you are not attached to any coaching industry and have not researched online life coaching, selecting the best life coach can be a bit difficult. A life coach can clearly show the current status of your life. They can help you in creating a vision for your future. Here are some practical ways by which you can select an online life coach.

Matches With Your Requirements: 

Select a life coach who is specialized in areas where you have your requirements. Your career may not be going in the right direction, maybe you are dealing with ADHD, OCD, or ODD, and you may feel a lack of purpose and meaning in your life and many other psychological problems. Whatever your case is, you should find a specialized life coach who is an expert in the area you need to improve in your life.

Local Coach or Not:

According to traditional views, if your life coach is local, it becomes easier to communicate. Rapport and trust building can be established easily. A life coach is looked upon just as similar to a dentist, doctor, or massage therapist, where face-to-face meetings are necessary. But sometimes your issues and solutions can be discussed over the phone. Some of the patients may open up more through the phone as there is no one in front of them to judge. According to studies, almost 60% of communication takes place through calls and texts. So, it does not matter whether your life coach is local or not.

Properly Trained:

Make sure your life coach is appropriately trained. Though there are various institutions, anyone can claim to be a life coach without proper certifications. So, you should check the certifications before deciding on your life coach. There can be training on weekends, and there can be full-time training for a year. If you are not under tight budget constraints, you should go for the life coach who is trained for a full-time one year instead of trained in weekend batches. Online life coaching can only be successful if your life coach is appropriately trained.

Choose The One Who Suits You:

Selecting a life coach is not like selecting a dress. You can exchange or alter the dress if you do not like it. But your life coach selection is somewhat tricky. You should always choose the life coach

  • Who completely understands your situation
  • Can you share the values which are similar to you
  • Provides you with the trust and confidence to move forward
  • Can understand your goals clearly

Fits In Your Budget:

Though life coaches are essential for structuring your life correctly, you cannot break your bank to hire them. Make sure the session charges fit within your budget. If you still cannot decide which coach to choose, you can talk to multiple life coaches and choose the one whose fees fit within your budget.

Tools And Methodologies:

While hiring a life coach, ensure that your life coach utilizes the right tools and methodologies for training. Using the required tools can help you achieve the goals, making your session effective. Most importantly, your life coach’s approach must be aligned with your requirements, and it can only happen if the life coach you choose uses all the necessary tools you require. For example, by using the ADIT (transaction, discover, implement, transition), the life coaches can ensure a better customer experience and make the training more effective for you.

Go For A Consultation:

Most of the time, life coaches offer a free consultation to provide the clients with their working style. This can be your best chance to determine whether you want to hire a life coach for you or not. While you go for the consultation, observe their working style, their tools and preferences, availability, and most importantly, if they make you feel easy and comfortable or not.

Since life coaching offers you the best opportunity to explore all areas of your life and discover yourself, it is necessary to feel safe and comfortable around them. If they do not make you feel comfortable being who you are and keep passing on judgment, then they might not be the right life coach for you.

Coaching Style:

Since life coaches are for discovering yourself and bringing out who you can be, you need to focus on your life coach’s teaching style. Every life coach’s training varies, depending on their training and personality. Some life coaches provide well-organized sessions, while others are more open. While some are strict and love to keep challenging you, some can be funny and supportive. But how can you understand if their coaching styles resonate with you or not? Talk to them and observe if their coaching style resonates with you or not.

Once you talk to them and understand their coaching style, think about the type of support you are looking for or which coaching style is preferable to you, and then choose the life coach.

Evaluate Your Experience: As we have mentioned earlier, life coaches are the ones who help you to become who you can be by exploring all the areas of your life. So, getting along with your life coach is of utmost importance. Your life coach should be able to build trust and provide a sense of comfort. So, once your consultation session is over, give yourself a minute to evaluate your consultation experience with the life coach. To get a clear insight, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did they offer you helpful resources or not?
  • Were they interested to talk to you or meet you at the right time once you reached out to them for a consultation?
  • Did the life coach’s values resonate with you or not?
  • Did you feel important?


Online life coaching can be successful when both parties are comfortable with digital media. You should ensure that the session charges remain within your budget to continue the coaching sessions. Your life coach should be specialized in the areas where you require improvements in your life. You should check proper certifications before you finally decide on your life coach.

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