K-Solo blames Naira Marley for Mohbad’s death

Veteran Nigerian record producer, Solomon Oyeniyi aka K-Solo has reacted to the death of singer, Mohbad, saying Naira Marley has questions to answer over the death of the singer.

Mohbad died suddenly died on 12 September, triggering an avalanche of accusations against Marley and others.

Featuring on Channels TV’s programme, Rubbin’ Minds, K-Solo insisted that Naira Marley was involved in the death of the 27-year-old singer.

“Naira Marley is involved in Mohbad’s death. He cannot tell me he is not involved. He has a hand in his death.

“Somebody can’t be under your label and he is being bullied every day and you never came out to say anything. And you said you don’t know anything about it.

“You’re putting up a statement? Everybody can put up a statement. Naira Marley has an involvement in it. He can’t tell me no.

“If I were Naira Marley, he should turn up himself. Come into this country, come and defend yourself. Put yourself out.

“Sam Larry does not have anything to say. That one can be on the run forever because you can see his evidence over your face. There are pictures. He cannot say that they are doctored.

“So, Naira Marley can never tell me he is not part of this. Anybody that is in his team who is still fooling him or telling him lies, should better stop right now. He needs to come out and defend himself.

“I’m not going to say because it is still being alleged, it’s not what you can say yet. Yes, I can say it is being alleged. But you know what? I can say it to his face; he knows about this.

“Let him come out and wash himself clean and say, ‘I, Naira Marley, I’m not involved in this.’ Then let the police do their due diligence like the English they used.”

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