Mark Angel Net worth 2022

Mark Angel is a Nigerian comedian, a director, scriptwriter and also a video producer, he is among the influential comedians in the country in 2022 Mark Angel net worth is estimated at around $3.8 million that’s N1.6 billion in naira.

Mark Angel is best known for the uploading of short comedy videos on his YouTube channel, which he often featured a girl called “Emmanuella” which she contributed a lot to the developing of his YouTube channel.

Mark Angel fans are always curious about his Net worth; people want to know how much exactly does he makes from the short video he’s uploading on the internet. In the post we are going to calculate all of Mark Angel earnings and we will declare his net.

Net worth $3.8 Million
Source of Income Comedy & Endorsement Deals

Mark Angel Biography and Net worth 2022

Before we get to Mark Angel net worth lets first look at his biography and entertaiment career

Mark Angel was born and raised in the city of Port Harcourt; he was born on 27 of May 1991 right now he is over 29 years old.

Mark Angel attended Obafemi Awolowo University to study medicine, but along the way he dropout out of school, Mark Angel have a passion toward entertainment since when he was in the university, in fact according to some rumors he quit medicine to do what he like.

Mark Angel had been through a lot before he get to the stage where he is now after he left school he work with different movie industry but he couldn’t find a steady job. In 2013 he began independent film making and that’s when he met up with “Emmanuella” they team up and start an amazing show.

When it comes to money Mark Angel makes a lot of money from the comedy videos he make, in fact he is probably the richest comedian in Nigeria, his YouTube channel is the first YouTube channel that hit a million subscribers in Africa.

Let’s dive into Mark Angel net worth in 2022

YouTube payment

One of the major by which Mark Angel makes money is via his YouTube channel, in fact a lot 90% of his income comes from his YouTube channel.

We all know that YouTube pays users for uploading their video online. They display ads in your video and when someone watches the ads or click on it you get paid for that.

On a normal circumstance YouTube pays anywhere from $0.002 to $0.005 per video view depending on the location of person that streams the video. So if a person gets millions of views on his YouTube channel then he will make a lot of money from that.

So let check how many video views does Mark Angel YouTube channel has, according to a legit website on the internet it was reported that Mark Angel YouTube channel has the total of 1.6 billion view and 7 million subscribers, the number keeps increasing massively every day.

On monetizing these 1.6 billion video views it will be estimated revenue of $3.7million that’s N1.4 billion that’s a lot

Endorsement deals and ambassadorship

Basically the major way in which Mark Angel makes money is via his YouTube channel, like 90% of his income comes from the YouTube channel and only 10% comes from endorsement deals and shootout.

Normally the Mark Angel comedy consist of two people “Emmanuella” and Mark angel they work together using one YouTube channel. According to the internet below is the list of brands in Nigeria that Mark Angel comedy have had endorsement contract with.

  1. Fresh Yo
  2. Dabor tooth paste
  3. Slim tea

According to the internet the 3 mention brands above are the only brands that had endorsement deals with Mark Angel comedy. And they make millions from this endorsement deals.

So how much did they make from theses 3 endorsement deals???Well no one could say exactly how much did they make from these endorsement deals we can only make an estimate.

According to the internet Nigerian celebrities earn anywhere from N1 million to N15 million per endorsement deals depending on the popularity of the celebrity. If we are to make a rough estimate it will be an estimated revenue of N25 million.

Mark Angel Net Worth 2022

Based on the prove calculations made above, Mark Angel net worth is estimated at around $3.8 million that’s N1.6 billion in naira, which makes him the richest comedian in Nigeria.

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