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Australian television personality Peter Andre, who was born in England, has a $20 million fortune. Peter Andre was raised in Australia after being born in Harrow, London, England. He started creating songs when he was in middle school. After winning a talent contest, he was given his first recording contract on live television. Although his self-titled debut album was released in 1993, it wasn’t until 1996’s “Natural” that he achieved commercial success. The singles “Flava” and “I Feel You,” which were from of the album, both peaked at number one in the UK. Even though four of his singles made the top 20, his third album’s sales were significantly lower. He then took a break after being dropped by his label. He participated in the reality program in 2004 “I’m a Star… Take Me Away From Here! “launched a new album after reissuing one of his earlier big singles. He followed up “Revelation” with two more albums, “Unconditional: Love Songs” in 2010 and “Accelerate” in late 2010. “Revelation” debuted at #3 on the charts. Additionally, both albums made it to the top 10.


When Peter was 10 years old, his family relocated to Queensland, Australia. Peter was born in the UK to Greek-Cypriot parents. Peter received his first recording contract when he was sixteen years old thanks to his victory in the Hey, Hey It’s Saturday talent contest on Australian television. Peter allegedly received £146,000 from the transaction. In 1993, Peter released his self-titled debut album. But he didn’t become well-known until the debut of his second album, Natural. 1996 saw the UK chart-topper Natural reach platinum sales. His most well-known song was Mysterious Girl, which sold two million copies worldwide and peaked at number two on the UK charts. Eleven studio albums in total have been released by Peter.

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After having a prosperous television career, Peter broadened his horizons and entered the film industry. In a departure from his often lighthearted persona, Peter will play a heroin addict in the upcoming independent short film The Inheritance, which was filmed in Los Angeles. In the new version of the beloved children’s book and movie Thomas the Tank Engine, Peter has also made effective use of his mellow voice. In Thomas and Friends: Big World, he provides the voice of Ace, a cocky and daring yellow race car. Massive Adventures! The film. The upbeat movie made about £480,000 globally.

Personal Life

Peter and Katie Price were engaged on I’m a Celebrity in 2004 and wed on September 10, 2005, at the charming Highclere Castle, which eventually gained notoriety as the location of Downton Abbey. Since then, Katie has disclosed on Loose Women that their lavish wedding day cost close to £1 million. “People used toss Swarovski crystals upon the tables, in my memory. What did we lack, really? We had a carriage, a tunnel, special lighting, pink carpet, etc “Katie replied.

Peter frequently takes his wife on expensive vacations to mark major occasions. Peter spoke to HELLO! in June about the birthday surprise trip to Venice he planned for Emily. “She was unaware that we had arrived in Italy. I forbade her from peering at any signage. She was put on by me. She immediately said, “Oh my God,” as soon as she noticed the signs for Venice. So I managed to sneak her all the way to Venice. I enjoy doing those enjoyable things with her, “Peter stated.

Recently, Peter and Emily took their family on a vacation to Cyprus, where they slept in an opulent villa that cost £600 a night. Additionally, Peter owns a vacation property in Cyprus that is thought to be worth £2.2 million (in 2013).

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