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Ranboo (aka RanbooLive, born: November 2, 2003) is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber and social media personality, popularly known for his Minecraft content and collaborations. So far, Ranboo has earned over 4 million followers on Twitch and over 3 million on YouTube and He is a member of the Dream SMP Minecraft server (sometimes abbreviated as the DSMP).

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Quick Facts about Ranboo

Real Name: Johnathan Schlatt (from Several sources)
Date of Birth: 2003-11-02
How old is Ranboo: Ranboo is 18 years old
Height: 6’6″ (1.98m)
Weight: Unknown
Address: San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
Marital Status, Partner or Girlfriend? Unknown
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $4 million
Ranboo Merch: ranboo.fashion
Social Media Handles: Discord Server , Reddit,
Roblox , Spotify , Streamlabs ,
Subreddit , TikTok , Twitch ,
Ranboo Twitter

Ranboo Age, Height and where he lives.

Ranboo is 18 years old, born on November 2, 2003 in the United States. He’s 6’6″ (1.98m) tall.

Where does Ranboo Live?

Ranboo moved to the UK in March 2022 and currently lives in Brighton. He used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, as confirmed by one of his now former main Discord admins & Twitch moderators after he posted a picture of the Twitch headquarters, located in San Francisco. On June 3, 2021, he graduated from high school.

How did Ranboo get famous?

Ranboo got famous by posting on TikTok and from this was able to reach 200 YouTube subscribers on his first day of posting content. A few days after he started streaming, on September 25, he was raided by Punz, also an American gaming YouTuber. Punz’s raid led Ranboo to gain even more of a following, and over time he was able to talk to other well-known Minecraft streamers like Eret and Nihachu.

He later experienced massive growth on November 27, 2020 when he told his stream chat that he would run for president of L’Manberg, a nation on the Dream SMP, without even being on the server. He was raided by Ph1LzA and Fundy (two popular streamers on the Dream SMP) during this stream, and Dream invited him to join the server. Ranboo was able to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers in January 2021, and within the next few months, became one of the most popular creators on the SMP.
Watch Ranboo tell the story of how He became famous.

The story of how Ranboo started from a small streamer with 30 followers, to today with his over 3 million. Watch the video to see how it all happened.

Ranboo Net Worth

Ranboo has a net worth of $4 millione (estimated). His major income sources include Twitch, merchandise, etc. Though his YouTube videos pull millions of views, he doesn’t make a consistent earning due to an inconsistent upload schedule. As we read further, you can find more about sources in detail.

Twitch: As a partnered Twitch streamer, he primarily makes money through ads & donations that run during his live streams. Secondly, he earns through paid subscription plans on his channel. According to TwitchTracker, he has 56,801 active paid subscribers at the moment. Taking a minimum of $5 per subscriber, his monthly income from subscriptions is around $284,000. Ranboo currently has over 4 million Twitch followers and one of the most dedicated fanbases.
Note: Paid subscribers vary from time to time.
Ranboo Merchandise: He has started his own merchandise store. He sells various products on his website ranboo[dot]fashion. He usually lists apparel that includes t-shirts, masks, hoodies, hats, etc. Every time he drops any apparel on the store, he succeeds in selling out the majority of products. Leaving this, there is no data available about this income source.

More on Ranboo merch (ranboo.fashion)

About Ranboo merch: On August 29, 2021, Ranboo announced the release date of his first merchandise collection ( Ranboo.fashion ), posting a ridiculously fancy trailer for it on Twitter. The trailer video that he posted for the collection was deliberately over-complicated and also included the wrong launch date on purpose to increase the amount of people talking about it.

On September 5, 2021, the collection was released and he did a cooking stream to celebrate. When the website launched, the amount of traffic to the site caused the website to break and the ecommerce site software Shopify crashed. Subsequently the terms “Shopify” and “ADD TO BAG” started trending on Twitter due to fans trying to report the issue. The issue was resolved after about 2 hours of waiting and the merch drop was extended by several days due to the delay.

Ranboo face reveal / Eye reveal

About Ranboo face reveal: On camera, Ranboo wears a black and white mask, and previously, sunglasses and gloves. He does this as part of his online persona, and also to protect his privacy. He plans on potentially doing a full face reveal at 5 million subscribers, but this will depend on whether he is comfortable enough to do so when/if he reaches the milestone.
On November 26, 2021, at the end of his stream for the anniversary of the first National Ranboo Day, he pulled down his glasses and eye revealed. On January 15, 2022, he posted pictures of himself without his glasses on Twitter, Instagram and his YouTube community tab for the first time. He attributed not wearing the glasses anymore to personal discomfort and inconvenience caused by them, and has worn them sparingly since these posts.

Ranboo Eye reveal

In July 2021, he opened up about his struggle with severe facial dysmorphia, a mental health condition affecting a person’s perception of their face and causing distress, saying that it is the main reason for not revealing his face and that he would not be able to edit his videos without doing so. This means he will continue to cover his face by wearing his mask and glasses even after the reveals. He also requested at the time for fans to only use pictures of him with the mask and glasses for their profile pictures, but a few months after his eye reveal he said that he no longer minds.

Know more about About Ranboo face reveal leak
About Ranboo face reveal leak

Ranboo Quotes + funny ones

I don’t need to watch the streams anymore! I can just join and ruin the bits!
Dream SMP: where the server is normal, but the people are not.
It looks like a detonator!
And I’m getting stabbed again. Always fun.
If the crown fits, wear it.
You can’t see it, but I’m dancing… very, very white-ly.
This is not supposed to be a good cake. This is supposed to be a cake that can kill god.
Can I get a hype train for me and Tubbo ‘s canon marriage?
Let’s punch some children.
Two times the cheese, two times the disease!
Sometimes in life things look burnt and you know what I say? Cook it more baby!
Nope, death fears me.

More Facts on Ranboo

His favorite color is royal blue. See here .
His favorite video games are Minecraft and Portal 2 .
His favorite television show is Gravity Falls.
His Discord server is named “Ranboo’s Corner”.
He is 6’6″ (1.98m) tall. See here .
According to Wilbur, he is potentially 6’7″ ( See here & Here ).
He talks and occasionally walks in his sleep.
On November 26, 2020, he declared the 26th day of each month as National Ranboo Day , as he thought Thanksgiving was “a little too boring” and wanted a holiday for himself.
He was added to the Dream SMP the day after the first National Ranboo Day.
He became a Twitch partner on November 18, 2020.
He got a custom YouTube URL for his YouTube channel on September 14, 2020, and was verified on November 9, 2020.
He obtained YouTube rank on the Hypixel minecraft server on October 20, 2020.
He has been playing Minecraft for around 9 years.
A poll during one stream revealed 83% of his viewers to be LGBT+.
It has become a running joke for transgender fans to ask him to share “the gender”, since there has been an overwhelming number of fans getting gender envy (the feeling of wanting to be like someone gender-wise or wanting to have someone’s gender expression) from him.
Ranboo has gray eyes.
He plays Dungeons & Dragons .
He was featured as a guest on the Dungeons & Dragons podcast Just Roll With It ( first , second , and third episodes), in which he played the character Clorten. He also wore a pink suit for the recording, which was one of his previous Twitch subscriber goals.
He can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 20 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Ranboo?
Ranboo is 18 years old.

How tall is Ranboo?
Ranboo is 6’6″ (1.98m) tall.

What is Ranboo real name?
Ranboo’s real name is Johnathan Schlatt. Several sources have confirmed that is his real name.

Is Ranboo Gay? (Ranboo sexuality)
On April 24, 2022, Ranboo came out as gay and unlabeled.

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