Upcoming Intakes for admission in the U.K

The UK is a popular destination for those who want to study abroad. More than 30,000 international students enroll in universities annually using UK study visas. International students who desire to study in the UK must thoroughly understand UK admissions required actions toward their goal. The information we have gathered regarding the UK intakes in 2022 may be helpful if you are shortly considering studying there.

Fall Intake

The most substantial and well-liked intake gives the most course options. There is a significant intake that starts in September and admits a lot of people. Typically, the deadlines for the fall intake are in September or October. Because the intake accepts most international applications, you should submit your application as soon as possible to improve your chances of studying in the UK.


  • There are several alternatives for courses.
  • Excellent scholarships are available.
  • The amount of time students have to prepare for the application is sufficient.
  • There are several good internship opportunities.
  • Demerits
  • Due to the high number of applicants, the battle for admission is intense.
  • Applying requires a lot of effort.

Winter Intake

Students who miss the September application deadline may enroll in courses to study in the UK during the winter or January admissions. Due to the intake, only a select few candidates can study in the UK.

Fewer course options are available for the winter intake than for the fall intake. The selection of universities and courses is limited.

Students are given more time to complete other necessary tasks and prepare for their application, increasing their chances of acceptance because there are fewer applicants than for the fall intake.

Summer Intake

The third intake has the fewest prospects and is the least well-liked. There aren’t many options for institutions or courses when the intake begins, usually in April and May. Since the summer intake is the least competitive of the three, there are more opportunities to accept an offer. One good thing is since there aren’t many UK Universities taking part in the intake, it becomes easy to get acceptance.

Which intake is the best intake for you?

Making the best intake decision for you can be a little challenging. Consider factors including the program’s accessibility, academic achievement, admission exam results, acceptance rates, employment possibilities, and level of program preparedness when making a decision.

Although most students prefer the September intake, January and April intakes of some programs are just as good.

The deadlines for each intake usually are revealed a few months before the start date. The Fall intake has the most corporate internships and the highest degree of competition. We strongly advise applying as soon as possible to improve your chances of acceptance. Some colleges even provide rolling admissions, which allows for year-round applicant acceptance.

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