“Your Are Mentality Challenged” – Tonto Dikeh Rips Kemi Olunloyo Apart

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress and philanthropist, has lambasted journalist Kemi Olunloyo for claiming she uses cannabis, shisha, and other hard drugs.

During an Instagram live session, Kemi Olunloyo made a joke about Tonto Dikeh utilizing the wrecked home of his ex-lover, Prince Kpokpogri, to gain social media power.

Tonto Dikeh responded by opining that Kemi Olunloyo is likely to return to prison and asked whether a GoFundMe should be set up for her.

Kemi Olunloyo, who was dissatisfied with the comments, said that Tonto Dikeh cannot put her in prison since she knows secrets about her.

Tonto Dikeh, according to Kemi Olunloyo, uses hard drugs like shisha and cannabis and carries a pistol.

She went on to say that the mother of one had once revealed her smoking pipe at her workplace, which was seen by several of her friends.

Tonto Dikeh requested Kemi Olunloyo to identify the people who said she smoked and had a gun in response to her accusation.

Tonto Dikeh claims to be aware of Kemi Olunloyo’s mental illness and believes she may be able to help her.

She wrote:

Madam Kemi mention the name of the person lets confirm. They already told me you are mentally challenged but I may just be your cure!!! Na Ogun true true, go help me put you back in prison. Agbaya mummy, if you don’t mention the name of that person, you have bought the biggest bad market ever…I will help you curb this your veil mouth. mot kill you there”.

“I don’t believe in suing you or police case mbanu… 2022 I’m running up on you boches on them streets and that’s on God… So if you don’t produce your imaginary friends name. or the receipts of the gun you claim I purchased? Kemi runnnnnnnnn”.

Your Are Mentality Challenged – Tonto Dikeh Rips Kemi Olunloyo Apart

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